Release DateEdit

  • 15 June, 1987


The b-side to 'It's A Sin'.


The band worked on this with Shep Pettibone, who really intended to record another 'West End Girls' where Neil would speak the lyrics, rather than sing them (some demo versions with speaking do exist in the bootleg arena). The inspiration came from Chris: "He'd been walking through Covent Garden and there were two tramps in this doorway and one of them turned round to the other one and said, 'well, you know where you went wrong'. He told me this and we thought it was really funny. It was like a New Yorker cartoon." For the 'It's A Sin' limited 12" release, a 'rough mix' was released that features a speaking part by Helena Springs, who also sings backup vocals.

Official Versions Edit

  • 5:51 You Know Where You Went Wrong
  • 6:38 You Know Where You Went Wrong (rough mix) remixed by Shep Pettibone, limited 12" only

Cover Versions by Other ArtistsEdit

  • 2001 Cleaner (Dancing Ferret Discs)