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'Suburbia' was released worldwide in various formats. The standard b-side was Paninaro for the 7" records and many 12" formats included a second one called Jack The Lad. Like Love Comes Quickly, there was no UK limited 12" configuration, but a limited double-7" gatefold pack was released, adding the Shep Pettibone mix of Love Comes Quickly, the second b-side, and an exclusive 2-minute edit of the Full Horror by Julian Mendelsohn.

In the US, veteran producer Arthur Baker was once again called upon to do remixes for the North American market, but these were only released on limited edition vinyl, and are quite hard to find now.

Design and Packaging Edit

Credited to Mark Farrow and PSB, the various front covers were again full frame black and white shots of the band, done in subtle sepia-tones. Most 12" records had a shot of Chris wearing window-shade sunglasses and a striped shirt. A double-sleeve edition of this has a second picture of Neil with dark shades and t-shirt as a counterpart. 7" records typically show one of several motion-blurred shots in which Neil appears to hold Chris in a headlock. All the photos in this set were done by Eric Watson.


The video was shot in Los Angeles and featured the Boys in various urban settings: the inside of an abandoned bus, in a poor neighbourhood, and a messy apartment.