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Releases and Versions Edit

Paninaro, the b-side to Suburbia, was first released as a single in 1986, but only in Italy -- fitting, since the song was named after an Italian youth group. That version featured the extended version by David Jacob and PSB which didn't appear on the Suburbia releases at the time. The flipside featured a unique remix by Ian Levine.

In conjunction with the release of Alternative, the band re-recorded the song and released it as a single in 1995. It was remixed by the band, Tin Tin Out, Tracy & Sharon and Angel Moraes.

Design and Packaging Edit

Mark Farrow designed both the original Italian sleeve and the '95 version artwork.

For the 1986 release, the artwork was plain grey with typography matching the Suburbia artowk in orange and black.

For the 1995 version, there were two distinctly different motifs. The first split the cover up into quadrants and featured, on each, one of the eight main words featured in the song's lyrics. Photography featured Neil and Chris in a wooded area with flowers. This motif was mainly seen on CD releases.

The second motif featured photos of Neil and Chris, lit in blue on a white background, and shots like these were also seen in the companion video, Orange typography and accents are also part of the design. This motif was mainly reserved for the UK 12" releases.

Videos Edit

Although it was not a bona fide single in 1986, there was a self-produced video made that was included on the band's first VHS release, Television. Filmed in Italy, it consisted of footage of the duo singing the song alongside locals.

For the 1995 version, long-time Pet Shop Boys director Howard Greenhalgh directed. The Top of the Pops performance of "Paninaro '95" replicated the imagery of the music video, with the same costumes, lighting, and male dancers involved.