Release DateEdit

  • September 1990


The B-side to 'So Hard'.


The song was written in Glasgow. It's ostensibly another song about unrequieted love. "It started off as a joke about whatever must be obvious and I came up with the couplet: 'Everyone knows when they look at us/ of course they do, it must be obvious'. Which I thought was hilarious. Then, having written those lines, it turned into another unrequited love song, about being in love with someone and everyone knowing apart from the person you're in love with."

Official VersionsEdit

  • 4:21 It Must Be Obvious
  • 9:22 It Must Be Obvious (ufo mix) remixed by the KLF, not a remix per se, but the original track mixed in an 'ambient' style, with atmospheric sounds, bleeps and random noises interspersed throughout. Reuses elements of The KLF's LP "Chill Out", which was released around the same time.