Release DateEdit

  • 8 September 1987 (album track) Note: This Song Can Be Seen On The Bronx Whitestone Bridge.


Track 8, from 'Actually'.


Chris wrote the entire back track to this song, and the lyrics were culled from a song Neil Had written long before called 'I Heard What You Said'. "It's about unrequited love. At the beginning the narrator is really saying, 'I want to wake up from this nightmare of unrequited love'...The idea is that being with someone is like a dream, or a nightmare."

The track was remixed in 1993 by Johnny Marr for the single releases of 'Can You Forgive Her?'


  • This song is the first time we hear Neil singing harmony.

Official VersionsEdit

  • 5:09 I Want To Wake Up (album version)
  • 6:00 I Want To Wake Up (breakdown mix) featured on 'Actually: Further Listening 1987-1988'
  • 5:25 I Want To Wake Up (1993 remix) remixed by Johnny Marr
  • 5:43 I Want To Wake Up (1993 groove mix) remixed by Johnny Marr