B-side to 'Always On My Mind'.

Release DateEdit

  • 30 November, 1987


Chris has a habit of always asking 'do I have to?', so this is where the title comes from. It was originally called, 'Break His Heart, Not Mine'. Neil: "The idea being that someone you're going out with is two-timing you, saying, 'Do I have to love you?' It's a really bitter song. I love the way that it's bitter and very romantic at the same time."


  • This track was the first time the band worked with Bob Kraushaar, and it started a long standing studio relationship with him.
  • Chris is playing live piano at the beginning of the record.

Official VersionsEdit

written by Tennant/Lowe. produced by Pet Shop Boys. engineered by David Jacob.

  • 5:14 Do I Have To?