Alternative was released in 1995 and is a collection of the band's b-side recordings to date.

Production and Recording Edit

For the most part, each of the b-sides featured on the collection is in short form. The exceptions are that 'That's My Impression' and 'The Sound Of The Atom Splitting' are given here in their extended forms.

Originally, the band wanted the title as 'Besides', but it was changed at the last minute as another band had recently used this concept on their own compilation.

Releases and Versions Edit

Alternative was released worldwide on a variety of formats.

Some early promos included Girls & Boys (Live in Rio) as the last track, but this was later omitted.

Design and Packaging Edit

The boys are wearing fencing masks in the cover photographs, taken by Richard Burbridge. Other photographs used in the booklet were shot by Eric Watson.

Continuing their tradition for complicated packaging, the band and their designers opted to create a lenticular motif for the special edition front covers, The photograph, depending on which angle you looked at it from, was either Chris or Neil. The idea for this concept was Mark Farrow's and it was executed by his design team. This concept was added to the 2CD box set and 3LP editions of the release. These releases also contained multi-page booklets in which Chris Heath interviews the band about each of the b-side songs.

Track Listing Edit

4:50 In The Night
4:19 A Man Could Get Arrested (12" Mix)
5:18 That's My Impression (Disco Mix)
5:15 Was That What It Was?
4:40 Paninaro
4:32 Jack The Lad
5:52 You Know Where You Went Wrong
4:56 A New Life
4:59 I Want A Dog
5:14 Do I Have To?
4:55 I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
3:55 Don Juan
5:13 The Sound Of The Atom Splitting (Extended Version)
3:56 One Of The Crowd
2:15 Your Funny Uncle
4:24 It Must Be Obvious
4:00 We All Feel Better In The Dark
4:29 Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
4:34 Losing My Mind
3:36 Music For Boys
4:11 Miserablism
3:07 Hey, Headmaster
3:24 What Keeps Mankind Alive?
5:03 Shameless
4:17 Too Many People
4:59 Violence (Hacienda Version)
3:56 Decadence
2:59 If Love Were All
4:28 Euroboy
6:34 Some Speculation